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Years of experience with a diverse background in computer science ranging from avionic and client/server systems to product applications, databases, and web development. Proven abilities in training/development, quality assurance, and strategic planning. Client-focused with strong relationship building and customer service/support skills.







VB Script

Java Script

ASP Script

Shell, C, Bourne


SQL Server 2000-2003

UNIFY 2000, Oracle


Windows NT, 3.x, 95, 98, XP

Windows 2000 Server

UNIX, VMS, DOS, Macintosh


Blackboard, Web Course-in-a-Box

Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003

Microsoft SQL Enterprise Manager v8.0

Macromedia Dreamweaver v8.0

Microsoft FrontPage (All Versions)

Microsoft Office (All Apps/Versions)

Interwoven Teamsite, WebTrends




Information Technology and Product/Project Manager Consultant 2006-2008

Information Technology professional with experience in product/project management, administration, and support of information systems/web development.




LexisNexis a division of Reed Elsevier, Miamisburg, OH                            1996-2006

Web Developer (2003–2006)

Provided web development/support for the company’s corporate web site (http://www.lexisnexis.com).


·         Performed regular content updates on approximately 35,000 pages including updating cookies from third to first party, interfacing with WebTrends to track e-commerce.

·         Created Active Server Pages (ASP) that generated email notifications, populated data into database tables utilizing stored procedures, configured online assessments, and created forms for data input from web site.

·         Creation and maintenance of web pages scripted in ASP Classic and ASP.NET utilizing HTML, DHTML, Javascript, Visual Basic, XML soap functions, SQL, and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).

·         Developed/delivered documentation/training for LexisNexis personnel and customers.

·         Created test case scenarios to test new functionality.

·         Created content editing and reporting tools for administrators to update content and pull reports on program response and effectiveness.


Product Manager (2000-2003)

Provided product management and support for electronic web course services for the law school market, targeting over 200 law schools across the United States.


·         Facilitated transition from Web Course in a Box to LexisNexis Web Courses powered by Blackboard.

·         Held weekly meetings with third party developers to ensure product delivery was kept on schedule and to clarify any feature, functionality requirements.

·         Managed development of new features and functions of LexisNexis Web Courses through interactions with developers, LexisNexis Customer Support and feedback from end users.

·         Created requirement documents that identified new features and functions along with test case scenarios to ensure the new features and functions worked properly.

·         Developed and delivered documentation and training to LexisNexis Customer Support, law school sales force and customers related to LexisNexis Web Courses.

·         Managed the interface with LexisNexis Product Development, third party contractors, and internal resources to maintain a competitive edge over competition.

·         Monitored, evaluated, and resolved customer reported problems. Communicated directly with law school faculty end users when necessary to ensure customer satisfaction.


Technical Support Representative (1996-2000)

Provided telephonic support for worldwide LexisNexis customers.


·         Assisted system administrators and end users in setting up and troubleshooting proprietary software on all types of servers, workstations, and personal computers.

·         Assisted in the configuration of LexisNexis proprietary software with Microsoft Office, WordPerfect, and Document Management Systems.

·         Provided business-to-business premium-level support and consultation to Fortune 500 companies and Law firms.

·         Provided consultative support for peer Technical Representatives to ensure Quality of Answer to customers calling in for technical support.

·         Provided formal classroom instruction related to LexisNexis software to new trainees entering into LexisNexis customer service.

·         Performed duties as a Field System Engineer as needed for onsite customer visits to assist in installation, configuration, and troubleshooting of LexisNexis software along with interfacing with all types of operating systems and network software.


Defense Electronics Supply Center, Defense Logistics Agency, Kettering, OH           1981-1996

Computer Specialist (1992–1996)


Troubleshoot/repair/program 3,000+ workstations on a PC-NFS Ethernet system at Gentile Air Force Station’s Defense Electronic Supply Center.

Review/verify upgrades to computer systems for state-of-the-art technology related to software/hardware requirements which involved creation/evaluation of System Acquisition Requirements Documents (SARDs) as the Quality Assurance Directorate’s ADP Monitor. SARDs being the final instrument to justify the acquisition of equipment once the technical expertise was applied in preparing economic analysis, technical specifications, benchmark specifications and audit/verification procedures required in support of ADP and telecommunication acquisitions for the Federal Government.

System Administrator for a MicroVAX 3800 VMS system. Performed regular tape backups, ensured all variables and memory allocated were set properly, and installed/configured/programmed Oracle v7 in preparation for transfer of database and programs from an old IBM-36 system.

Electronic Technician (1987–1992)

Review purchase contracts to identify items for random testing to ensure purchased items complied with applicable specifications. Keyed pertinent information into an IBM-36 Mini using a 3180 Terminal. Assisted in the maintenance and systems operations of the IBM-36 system. Connected 5250 type software/hardware to 80286 personal computers to emulate 3180 terminals as well as utilizing routers to transfer data between the IBM-36 and the 80286 workstations. Created dBase III programming to process data transferred from IBM-36 to include in Monthly and Annual Reports. Chaired Annual Report Committee for preparing and publishing the Annual Report for the Test Facility.

Electronic Equipment Specialist (1981–1987)

Correlated technical data on specific electrical and electronic parts and/or components, performing a complete technical review to establish electrical, physical, mechanical, functional, and environmental characteristics of the individual item for standardization purposes.

Avionic Navigation/Communications Systems Specialist (1972–1981)

Responsible for inspecting, troubleshooting, repairing, aligning, modifying, and installing avionic navigation/communication equipment on numerous types of aircraft at both Wright Patterson and Charleston Air Force Bases. Maintained over 17 different types of aircraft and over 33 different aircraft systems including onboard computer systems with Transponders for Identification of Friend or Foe and Station Keeping Equipment.  Performed Quality Control Inspections as a production inspector on shop and flight line completed work.  Made decisions on flight worthiness of aircraft based on operational readiness of aircraft electronic systems.




Wright State University


Associate in Applied Science, Electronic Engineering Technology

Sinclair Community College, Dayton, OH


44 Semester Hours in Computer Science

Community College of the Air Force




Marketing Program Excellence

Superior Sustained Performance



United States Air Force Veteran




Life member of the American Legion