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Humor that you find linked to this page are collections of electronic mail that I have collected over a period of time that has been forwarded to me. Rather than overloading the internet by forwarding these electronic mailings to people, I thought that I would post them here for all to enjoy. If you would like for me to post your humor on this page, please feel free to email it to me. When forwarding the humor, please indicate whether or not you want your email address and/or your name included with the humor. Also indicate whether or not you authored the humor.

"True Story -- When a technician enters the office of especially clueless managers, he gives them this computing advice: 'Once in a while, you have to stretch the computer cables out straight. That's because the data is digital, which means it's all ones and zeroes. The zeroes can make it through the bent cable okay, because they have smooth edges, but the ones can get stuck.'"

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